Public Relations
The LRCVB is here to help make your event an enormous success, and we provide extensive destination marketing and public relations services with customizable publicity and promotional options. Our exceptional knowledge, experience, and service give you the convenience and coverage you expect, allowing you to make your organization known throughout the city and the state.

Service offerings

• Press releases and media alerts about your event, including writing and distribution to statewide media.

• Assistance with arrangements for a kick-off or special announcement press conference.

• Publicizing activities to local restaurateurs by including your activities and events within electronic transmissions and newsletters specifically targeted to the industry. LRCVB distributes this information to over 550 Little Rock restaurants through our Food Flash system.

• Listing of your event on the LRCVB website, displaying your logo and a web link to your site. This listing also includes visibility on six stand-alone, interactive kiosks within the city.

• Inclusion of your event’s agenda and open-to-the-public events in the LRCVB electronic newsletter, which is distributed quarterly.

• Creation of electronic email blast notifications about events and activities.

• Customized newsletters sent electronically, about “What’s Hot in Little Rock”, to your prospective attendees if an electronic email distribution list is provided.

• Inclusion of your activities in “This Week in Little Rock” electronic calendar listing and event information are sent weekly to statewide media.

• Inclusion on outdoor marquee, located at the Robinson Center.

• Welcome signs.

• Provide area brochures of interest — including maps, dining guides, attraction guides, etc. — and other information for you to include in your attendees’ registration packets or in information booths during your event.

• Provide Little Rock media kit, stories, and photos for use in organization publications for attendance stimulation and convention promotion.

• An attendance stimulation brochure, to be used as either a handout or mailing.

• Brief, promotional Little Rock video.


John Mayner
Vice President of Marketing and Communications