The Governor's Halls

Governors Hall 1 Governor's Hall II Governor's Hall III Governor's Hall IV

Room Combinations

Governor's I & II | Governor's I, II & III
Governor's II & III | Governor's II, III & IV
Governor's III & IV

A main feature of the Statehouse Convention Center is the 82,892 square foot Governor's Halls. The halls have a concrete floor and the ceiling is equipped with mercury vapor and dimmable lighting. The halls can be opened into one large area, divided into four separate halls (each with its own private entrance) or used in unique combinations to specifically match the needs of your event.

The Governor's Halls provide space for up to 398 10'X10' exhibit booths. Vehicles as large as tractor-trailer rigs may be driven directly into the Halls for loading and unloading. The center personnel is trained and equipped to handle exhibitor's electrical, gas, plumbing, and telephone requirements on site.

Room Specifications

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